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Transportation Security
Over the past 10 years, the level of cargo crime has risen dramatically and is estimated to be $12 billion annually in the US and $30 billion worldwide. Reasons for this dramatic growth are the rise in "insider" theft, increased impact of organized crime, and the expansion of global trade. The cargo transportation industry is being severely challenged to meet this expanding criminal threat.

CMS is capable of rapidly organizing large-scale cargo security operations. These operations can involve the planning, management and detailed implementation of highly professional cargo security operations using experienced staff. We ensure that client needs will be met through detailed planning, an understanding of client concerns and maximum effectiveness in providing cargo security support.

CMS, Inc. can provide a single point of contact for all of your cargo security consulting services for Air, Truck, Rail, Maritime, and Intermodal Operations in the following areas:

     Facility Audits
     Vulnerability Studies
     Cargo Security Plans
     Cargo Security Training
     Customs Procedures
     Project Management
     Employee Screening
     Equipment Procurement
     IT System Integration

Ask how CMS, Inc. can provide your company with the following expert cargo security services and capabilities:

1. Improve your loss prevention through our audit and risk assessment of your facilities and cargo operations.
2. Provide a rapid accurate, state-of-the-art assessment of your current cargo security efforts.
3. Explain how you how you can quickly take immediate steps to improve your cargo security and cut losses.
4. Assist with the development and review of your cargo security plans.
5. Prepare and review cargo security proposals for your facilities and equipment.
6. Conduct cargo security training programs and seminars.