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Contingency Management and Emergency Preparedness Programs

CMS experts understand the issues involved in contingency management, and will work with the client to develop the following key components of an effective emergency preparedness plan:

- Risk Analysis. We will determine the risk and potential adverse impact to your organization from a menu of most likely emergencies.

- Emergency Response. We will develop advance arrangements and procedures that will enable your organization's emergency management team to rapidly respond to emergencies before they escalate into disasters,

- Critical Business Functions. We will create a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) that insures that those business functions that are absolutely necessary for the survival of your organization are capable of resuming within a defined time frame.

- Mitigation Strategies. We will develop strategies that can minimize the threat to the organization and the amount of potential loss.

- Business Resumption Planning. Our planning will focus on the loss of resource and ensures that vital facilities are replaced or repaired as soon as possible in order for business to return to normal.