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Energy and Emergency Preparedness
Physical Security for Electric Power Systems , By Edward V. Badolato / September 20, 2001

The Three R's and Emergency Preparedness: Contingency Planning for Our Schools , By Edward V. Badolato and Dr. James Miskel / December 1999

Nuclear Secrets and the Culture Wars , By John B. Roberts II / May 1999 - The American Spectator

Protecting America's Critical Infrastructure--Preventing an Electronic Pearl Harbor , By Edward V. Badolato / July 1998 -The Journal of Counterterrorism and Security International

Meeting the Challenge of the Digital Age: Electric Power Shortfalls and New High Tech Solutions , By Ed Badolato, President, CMS, Inc.

Pollution as Ammunition , By Colonel Ed Badolato / October 1991 -
U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

Gulf Gets Double Whammy / March 18, 1991 - Mideast Markets

Gulf Oil Spill Shows Iraq's Resolve to Wage War on Its Own Terms , By Barbara Rosewicz /
January 28, 1991 - The Wall Street Journal

Saddam may set oil on fire , By Tyler Bridges / January 20, 1991 - The Times - Picayune, New Orleans

U.S. oil sites believed vulnerable to terrorists
, By Julia C. Martinez / January 13, 1991 - Philidelphia Inquirer

Middle East events show the need for a flexible energy emergency plan / September 3, 1990 -
Corporate Emergency Management  Volume I, Number 2

Energy crisis possibility brings drills , By Dennis Patterson /   August 22, 1990 - Associated Press

Learning from the Exxon Valdez , By Colonel Ed Badolato, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired) /
October 1989 - US Naval Institute Proceedings

DOE, States to Discuss Energy Crisis Plan / September 28, 1987 - Inside Energy

DOE Official Says New Crisis Plan Needed , By Sheryl Morris / July 6, 1987 - Inside Energy

Transportation Security
Cargo Theft - America's Most Serious Property Crime ,  By Edward V. Badolato / July 2000 -  
Security Management  Magazine

Smuggling And Security In The Indochina Region ,  By Edward V. Badolato / June 29, 2000

Report on El Salvador: How Transportation Security Patterns and Trends in Central America Adversely Affect Cargo Security, By Edward V. Badolato / March 15 - 17 1998

Security Services
Money Laundering: Its Challenges and Impact on the National Economy , Jakarta / February 13-14, 2000

RED MERCURY: Hoax or the Ultimate Terrorist Weapon? , By Edward V. Badolato and Dale Andrade - The Journal of Counterterrorism and Security International

The Real Terrorist Threat in the Gulf ,  By Edward V. Badolato - The Journal of Counterterrorism and Security International

An Interview with John Garlang , Commander of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army , By Ed Badolato - The Journal of Counterterrorism and Security International

Press Releases
NCSC Chairman Conducts Jakarta Seminar on Cargo Theft for Indonesian Customs Officials

Indonesia Hosts Successful Cargo Security SeminarFebruary 10, 2000