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Corporate Experience
Corporate Experience

CMS' business experience has been varied and the following includes a representative sampling of its energy, environmental, and security background activities:

Developed Electric Power Contingency Plans for the City of Beirut, Lebanon

Organized Security Plans for ESKOM Electric Power Company, South Africa

Managed Gulf War Explosives Clean Up for Getty and Texaco Oil Companies in Kuwait

Conducted Oil Spill Contingency Planning Seminars and Training for 14 US States

Integrated Security Plans For ECOPETROL's oil facilities in Colombia, S.A.

Developed Operational Security Program for the Cano-Limon Pipeline, Colombia, S.A.

Developed Risk Management Program for the Colonial Pipeline Co.

Prepared Presidential 30-Day Report on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Led National Study on Post-Hurricane Hugo Electric Power Restoration in United States and the Caribbean

Conducted Nuclear Power Plant Physical Security Operations

Developed LNG Facility Emergency Preparedness Programs and Plans

Prepared Industrial Emergency Preparedness Programs on Natural Disasters

Conducted Training Seminars on Prevention of Terrorist Attacks Against Energy Facilities

Developed Operations and Planning Systems for Petroleum Barge Transportation

Organized Training Efforts and Conducted Emergency Simulation Exercises

Due Diligence Studies for Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Feasibility Studies for Siting of Energy Facilities