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Security Services
Security Services, Equipment, and Training

CMS can provide a single point of contact for all corporate requirements for dealing with operational and security requirements. CMS is capable of rapidly organizing large scale support operations. These operations involve the planning, management, and implementation of highly professional operations by well trained and experienced staff. This ensures that client requirements can be accomplished with thorough planning, an understanding of client concerns, and maximum effectiveness. Specific services provided by CMS involve:
* Security vulnerability assessments of facilities * Security planning for facilities * Integrated security response plans * Security exercises and training simulations * Development and review of security proposals * Turnkey management of security operations * Security training programs * Recruiting and staffing of security forces

Corporate Investigations

CMS has extensive investigative experience with law enforcement and private security services, providing highly confidential investigative and risk mainagement services to further the discrete objectives of our clients. CMS expert investigators have been involved in both government and high level private security operations. CMS has a worldwide base of assets with which to perform its services. In today's business atmosphere, knowledge of a proposed joint venture partner, strategic alliance associate or licensee is not as assured as it was in the past. CMS is capable of providing a complete, detailed background investigation on individual corporate officers and companies including an analysis of past business activities, personal and business reputation,political standing, financial and operating history, litigation records including filings, judgements and liens. The objective is to provide management with the most completed briefing package so as to enable the most reasoned business decisions.

Executive Protection and VIP Security

The CMS Executive Protection and VIP Security Program is capable of meeting various client needs, ranging from a single individual to a highly sophisticated round the clock operation. VIP security personnel are trained and qualified in the various skills required for effective executive security during VIP travel; protection during attendance at special events; avoiding motorcade ambush; bomb incident management, terrorist attacks, and effective team communications. CMS staff is highly experienced professionals with years of practice in leading VIP protection details. Senior CMS instructors have been responsible for the protection of the President of the United States and other various dignitaries, including royalty, chairmen of global corporations, and entertainment figures.

Counter Intelligence and Counter Industrial Espionage

CMS is able to solve difficult counter intelligence problems quickly, efficiently, and with a high degree of confidentiality. Our extensive line of security products are designed and manufactured to meet the strictest technical specifications. Our engineers specialize in software development electronics and our micro mechanics provide custom solutions, which have become "standards" in counter intelligence, surveillance, and personal protection communities. CMS offers its customers the following Cl services: vulnerability studies; site surveys; risk assessments; integrated systems; custom program design; seminars and workshops; tech teams; sweep services; and computer security training and analysis.

Counterterrorism Services

Our counterterrorist experts understand counterterrorism operations from first hand experience. CMS offers a variety of services and analytical tools to help defeat terrorist threats to bother government and private enterprises. Our experts can help you understand the threat, provide the technical skills and educational services to help you combat the threat, and identify effective countermeasures. CMS provides the following services: analyzing past, present, and likely future operations and methods of terrorist groups as they relate to your particular activities; conducting adversarial analyses of terrorist threats that highlight your organization's vulnerabilities and risks; coordinating counterterrorism support; assisting with the design of security facilities and procedures aimed at thwarting terrorist attacks; educating managers and their personnel about their organization's risks and the required security precautions; and training staff in effective counterterrorist awareness and practices.